What Is A Doctor Certificate Program?


There are professionals in nearly every community that have a passion for protecting life in the womb and would love to be given an opportunity to use their talents and training to serve! 

If your center does not provide prenatal care, consider referring those that do not already have a medical provider to a life-affirming physician or midwife for continued medical care following their initial pregnancy test consultation.

At times, a client’s anxiety about their pregnancy can be eased when they are given a referral to contact a medical provider for additional help and support. Our hope and intention should be that they will see a provider who will demonstrate compassion to those who are in particularly difficult situations. 

VirTru's course, Doctor Certificate Program, will offer your team the principles needed to begin a referral program. This program intends to meet the needs of women and men in your area and involve life-affirming physicians and medical professionals who are willing to provide a free patient consultation.

These free patient appointments are invaluable for those who are considering terminating a pregnancy due to a previously traumatic pregnancy, their age or other health concerns. Give your clients the opportunity to hear the medical options available to them by visiting with a local physician who can help them make an informed decision. If your center has considered working with the Abortion Pill Rescue Network, this program will become an even greater asset as relationships with local healthcare providers are a necessity.

Whether your center is urban or rural, medical or not, this life-affirming program will equip women and men in your community and give them an opportunity to make an informed decision. 

Ready to take steps towards implementing a Doctor Certificate Program? Sign in to your VirTru Training platform and go to the Medical portion of your training center to access the full course!