The Role Of The Front Desk Coordinator


You have seven seconds to make a first impression.

The clothes you wear, what you say, the tone of your voice, how you act and even the environment around you are all part of those seven seconds in which a person forms a first impression. Once that impression is formed, whether positive or negative, it can be hard to change. That's why it's important to immediately set a positive tone from the first moment of interacting with a potential client. 

First impressions and quality client care start with your Front Desk Coordinator or Receptionist. A Front Desk Coordinator who is well-trained in client care and first impressions is key to an individual scheduling an appointment and choosing to visit your center.

The Front Desk Coordinator's role starts when someone calls and inquires about services. In those initial seven seconds, the Front Desk Coordinator will warmly greet the client and begin to determine their needs so they can start the scheduling process. With a quick response, a compassionate ear and strategic questions, a client will feel heard and affirmed for reaching out for services. A positive first interaction will be made and the foundation set for in-person interaction.

When the client does come to your center for her appointment, the Front Desk Coordinator immediately goes into action again to further solidify a positive impression and convey compassionate care that continues into her appointment.

The Front Desk Coordinator will:

  • Ensure each client enters an organized and calming reception space

  • Warmly greet the client and any support people she brings with her

  • Check the client in for the appointment in a professional manner

  • Offer a refreshment or other assistance as necessary

  • Direct the client to a confidential waiting room

Many aspects go into creating a positive first impression, and ongoing training and practice are key to maintaining those skills. To learn more about the role of the Front Desk Coordinator and client first impressions, go through Virtru's Phone Course training.

Want to take your center's client experience to the next level? Take the Experience Design course and develop a client Journey Map with your team. Mapping the experience you want each client to have will ensure that a consistent standard of care, unique to each individual, is offered to those you serve.

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