Melanie has chosen to invest in her staff, volunteers and board by having her entire team train on MyVirTru! What is the result? A greater number of saved lives and changed hearts through the direct work of her pregnancy care center!

"MyVirTru has helped me gain confidence in answering the various phone calls that we receive. MyVirTru has also given me a deeper understanding of the many facets of Pregnancy Help Centers and their successful functioning. I oversee some of the many pieces of new volunteer training, and MyVirTru has greatly stream-lined many parts of the volunteer and staff training process."

Marie, Louisiana

"It allows us to have consistent, continuous education training. But more importantly, for our center, it allows flexibility in initial training that meets the needs of advocates and their available time."

Travis, South Dakota

"MyVirTru's phone courses were extremely helpful to me! I had never thought about the first impression we make when talking on the phone. I also have loved the experience design courses. After I watched them I redid the waiting room and now we are redoing the parking lot."

Jill, Georgia

"When I think of online training courses, I think monotone voices and outdated materials. MyVirTru, on the other hand, is relatable because it is modern as well as engaging due to short modules and straightforward quizzes. After years of working on the frontlines of a pregnancy resource center, I learned skills that were easy to implement from each module, and I would say that alone is worth noting."

Destiny, South Dakota

"We really were looking for a platform that we could use for on-going training - 10 minutes - something quick that our team is able to do each week, and MyVirTru was the perfect platform for us. Not only is their content for pregnancy center work, but also personal development, time management, and goal setting, so that our team is truly the best that they can be when trying to serve with excellence."

Melanie, Ohio

"We can get our advocates and volunteers engaged more quickly. It keeps you sharp and reminds me of little things that I forget, but are important."

Dawn, Georgia

The training sessions are in short segments, and they're easy to pause and resume later should an interruption occur. Our staff has really enjoyed the training and sharpening our skills. And it's really awesome for our new staff and volunteers to be able to train online. We really appreciate the accessibility of online training."

Monica, South Dakota