Lets Talk About Burnout

Let’s talk burnout…
Are you trying to motivate others but struggling to motivate yourself? Are you celebrating victories (big and small) with your team? Are you being renewed through the Word daily?

With each interaction and conversation, you are planting a seed; a seed you may never see come to fruition. You may never see God’s saving work in the life of your client. You may never know if they made a life-affirming decision for their child, but you can be encouraged knowing that you spoke words of truth and hope while they were visiting your center. By God’s grace, you were able to plant a seed.

Burnout occurs when we as individuals feel we are in-control when, in fact, we are not.

Be encouraged because God claimed the ultimate victory when His Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for the sins of the world. Rejoice in knowing that God is sovereign and death is defeated. Be reminded that He led you to where you are in your profession for a specific purpose and He will sustain you.

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