Implementing A 15-Minute Debrief


Consider implementing a 15-minute debrief at the end of your work day.

Intentionally carving out time for a daily debrief allows your team to receive client updates and share personal highs and lows of the day. These discussions offer an opportunity for your Client Care team to process challenging appointments before going home to their families or evening activities.

Discussing difficult client scenarios as a team will alleviate the stress and anxiety that can arise in a staff member or volunteer leaving the center with a heavy heart. Maintaining client confidentiality means your Client Care team is unable to fully explain a challenging day to family members or friends. With that in mind, a 15-minute debrief offers time for reflection and prayer within a community that they will not have once they leave the center.

At the end of each day, remind one another of God's goodness and grace. Your team may never see God's saving work in the life of your clients. Your team may never know if a client made a life-affirming decision for their child, but each of you can be encouraged knowing the words of truth and hope were spoken while the individual was visiting your center. Your team was able to plant a seed.