Honoring All Mothers


As we enter into a new week that honors mothers, we encourage you to turn your attention to the women your center has served who will not be holding their children in their arms on Mother’s Day. This week, make an effort to honor not only the women who are mothers to living children, but also the women who have miscarried, experienced a stillbirth, or have courageously chosen adoption for their child.

For those who have lost a child during pregnancy, show them that the life they carried matters regardless of how short that life was, because every life has value. For those who have lost a child after birth, remind them that their child is not forgotten. For those who have selflessly allowed their child to be raised by another through adoption, show care and compassion to that mother. She has courageously made a life-affirming decision that is to be celebrated. Thank her for making a brave, sacrificial choice for her child because even while her decision is celebrated she has also experienced grief. Acknowledge her grief.

Allow these women to know that they are remembered and seen as mothers. Consider calling women who your center has had a relationship with in the past. You may find mailing a handwritten note or sharing a thoughtful gift in remembrance of their loss to be more fitting.

In a season of isolation and loneliness, your actions will be cherished and appreciated. For someone who is found in Christ, your efforts, while not able to produce hope in and of themselves, point to a greater hope that the pain and suffering experienced on earth is not wasted.

May we be reminded that for those found in Christ, our trials are not God’s condemnation (Romans 8:1). God is always for you (Romans 8:32) and He has designed all of life’s circumstances for your everlasting good and His glory (Romans 8:28).

“In the beginning you made the earth secure. You placed it on its foundations. Your hands created the heavens. They will pass away. But you will remain. They will all wear out like a piece of clothing. You will make them like clothes that are taken off and thrown away. But you remain the same. Your years will never end. Our children will live with you. Their sons and daughters will be safe in your care.” -Psalm 102:25-28