If we don’t allow room to have difficult conversations with our clients, we are giving that privilege to someone else who might not have their best interests at heart. Your pregnancy resource center stands in the gap, reaching individuals in your community at their most vulnerable moments. Whether you realize it or not, your center is formative in sharing a new perspective on life to those you serve. You may be the first person to dive into a client’s worldview and challenge them with Gospel-centered truths that they may have never heard before.

Elevate aims to offer tools to help clients understand how, not what, to think about sexual integrity. It’s important to refrain from looking at conversations about sexual integrity with a “pass” or “fail” mindset. Instead, look at these conversations as an opportunity to share truth and hope.

Elevate will empower you to equip clients with practical resources to help them succeed! You’ll help women and men in your center assess their personal goals and set up systems to achieve them. You’ll help them evaluate relationships, set boundaries, recognize destructive habits, establish accountability mentors and much more!


Within each session, two videos and corresponding handouts are available. The first video is designed specifically for the client mentor or advocate to watch prior to the visit with a client. This content should be viewed without the client present and is intended to help prepare the advocate for the visit by offering conversation starters, questions, handouts and ideas of how to incorporate faith into the topic being addressed.

The second video is for the client to watch with the advocate. Time should be left after the video to allow for meaningful discussion about the topic presented in the session.

MyVirTru's Elevate Program will offer you the assistance needed to craft an intentional client experience, allowing you to focus on the unique needs of each individual. Because each client is different, each of the conversations you have will vary. With that in mind, this series is not the end-all. The relationship formed during the course of the Elevate program will offer opportunities to share the love of Christ and help affirm a man or woman's desire to pursue a path of integrity.