Believe It Or Leave It

You have to ‘believe it or leave it’.
Sharing a common set of values is crucial as your staff looks to uphold the integrity of your center and meet your goals. Encourage your staff to pursue a reputation that is above reproach. While this doesn’t mean staff should fall into a legalistic ideology, a high level of integrity is required as you strive to uphold your organization’s values in and out of the center.

There are three primary beliefs your staff and volunteers should share:

  1. Team members should always interact with clients through a lens of care and compassion.
  2. Team members should hold an appreciation for life, a belief that life begins at conception and a belief that life is orchestrated by God. 
  3. Team members should promote abstinence until marriage.

Be attentive to areas where your staff or volunteers may find themselves falling short in trusting God in these areas. For example, you may notice a staff member has become frustrated and discouraged by the number of pregnancy tests given to young women. Or you may notice a staff member who has met with a number of sexually active clients has become complacent and isn’t taking the opportunity to discuss sexual integrity with clients. 

Does your team believe God’s redemptive work is possible in the lives of your clients? Do they understand the value of a covenant marriage relationship and believe that a client can choose to wait until marriage if God works in his or her heart? Does your team believe that clients can find healing from sexual abuse or pornography addiction?

A desire for God’s redemptive work to be made evident in the lives of clients is vital.

While the Gospel might not be presented to every client verbally, they should experience the goodness of God through the compassion shown by your team. If a staff member is not finding joy in serving or has become discouraged in his or her work, it will quickly become obvious. Consistently remind your team that the heart should not be ruled by what it sees. The heart should be ruled by what Jesus promises.

In John 16:33 Jesus says, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

Evidence of unbelief is, in a sense, a sign of soul thirst. If this describes a staff member or volunteer at your center, encourage that individual to believe in God’s ability to restore brokenness and seek renewal through God’s Word.

Encourage your team to continue believing in faith that God is sovereign over all things. Rest in the reality that God is at work today.