The Importance of Accountability


When a client shows an interest in pursuing a relationship with a mentor through your center, they are taking initiative and showing a desire to grow and let someone into their current situation.

This should be celebrated!

As a mentor-mentee relationship develops, there will come a time that the opportunity to pursue future accountability should be discussed. After all, your volunteer mentors will likely not be part of a mentee's life years down the road. You may even have a policy in place that offers a framework and establishes healthy limits for how these relationship should look outside your center's walls.

Accountability is simply being responsible to another person or persons for the commitments made to one's self. 

 Seeking accountability throughout a lifetime ensures that goals are created and ultimately protected. Pursuing fruitful habits and relationships starts with boundaries and accountability. Beyond goals, accountability digs deeper into the systems that must be in place to accomplish one's aspirations.

At VirTru, we understand that ongoing accountability for your mentees is crucial! That's why accountability throughout one's lifetime is built into ELEVATE.

ELEVATE encourages mentees to consider these four questions when choosing someone for an accountability relationship:

  • Who are the people in my life with whom I have, or could have, this kind of accountability relationship?
  • Does this person understand my values and will they challenge me in areas that I need to hear correction or seek improvement?
  • Is this person trustworthy and available to commit?
  • Will this person be judgmental when I am vulnerable about times that I am struggling?

While it’s easy to consider a best friend or significant other, it may be more helpful to choose a person who is outside an inner circle of family or friends – someone that can offer an unbiased perspective. Clients should ask someone who has character traits that they would like to emulate and admire. Encourage your mentee to reach out to organization and business leaders in the community who have careers in their area of interest or to a local church for mentorship. 

Asking someone to partner in accountability can be intimidating and it takes courage! Helping your mentees brainstorm who can fill this role in their life is instrumental in ensuring their goals are achieved!

ELEVATE comes alongside client advocates and mentors navigating conversations about relationships and goals with clients. Using video and conversation guides, clients will learn how to set boundaries, recognize destructive habits, establish accountability mentors and much more!

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